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Provider Online Services

Welcome to ValueOptions® Maryland Provider Online Services!

Login or register with ProviderConnect, an online tool that allows you to submit and check claims status, check member eligibility, update your provider profile, request inpatient and outpatient authorizations and more. ProviderConnect is easy to use, secure and available 24/7.

In accordance with state legislation, the Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA) in conjunction with the Core Service Agencies (CSAs) has implemented the Public Mental Health System (PMHS). ValueOptions® helps administer the system. ValueOptions®, known as an Administrative Service Organization (ASO), provides the following services:

  • 24-hour access for clinically related calls
  • Referring individuals to qualified service providers
  • Preauthorization of non-emergency care
  • Review of Authorization Plans to assist in determining whether an individual meets Medical Necessity Criteria and is part of the Public Mental Health System
  • Conducting utilization reviews of services
  • Collecting data
  • Processing claims
  • Remitting payments
  • Provider Audits and Technical Assistance
  • Assisting with the evaluation of the PMHS

On this Web site you will find a wealth of information developed specifically for you, which include ProviderConnect, the Provider Manual, Provider Information, and links to mental health resources.

ProviderConnect Helpful Resources links you to a ProviderConnect User guide, HIPAA information, software downloads, important forms and helpful phone numbers to assist with the use of this tool!

Review the Provider Manual to obtain information about our policies and procedures. It includes a detailed program overview, claims and billing information and more. Please refer to the National ValueOptions® Participating Provider Handbook for general information.

Visit our Forms section and download the forms you need. The links in the Forms section will also take you to the Provider Manual.

Enter our Provider Information section to find useful tools and resources to aid you in your practice.

In addition to this Web site, you can also find important resources and information at the following Web sites: